• Cost Efficient
  • Server Free Solution
  • Open Interface
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Remote "Snapshot"

A New LED Display Paradigm

IPdisplays' LED displays, aka wallboards or reader boards, are not the same industrial LED displays that you've seen in the past. IPdisplays' intelligent LED signs can pull or push data from a variety of sources. This built-in network connectivity provides immediate, real-time information to employees about productivity or performance. Our open architecture (SOA) makes sending data or messages to the displays easy. Talk to any platform including Windows, Linux, or IBM I-Series/AS400. You can even use our .NET DLL to talk to our displays.

See why we're different. Why our products are better.

Our display products are data driven not proprietary message or protocol based. That is our difference - empowering the speed of IP.

No Server Needed with IPdisplays signs

Save money, cut out the middleman. You no longer need to have additional servers or middleware to accumulate your data. Leverage what you already have. Concentrate on getting results, not on integration. Use web-based configuration to streamline the process via the built-in web-server. Display your data and messages from live sources or from a central location. Keep the flow of information lean and mean from your machine to ours.

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A New Tool For LEAN

Our LED Displays and LCD Players are easily networkable and are ready to receive data out of the box. Built from the ground up to communicate TCPIP with built-in 10/100 Ethernet. Send messages, real-time data to your manufacturing floor, distribution center, workers, managers or key people anywhere in your facility. Update over the internet to any remote location. They can be used as picking or production monitors for your processes. There are no proprietary languages or syntaxes to learn. No middleware to change, making it re-deployable as your needs change. Sign layouts can be changed dynamically by data, time, or at the your discretion. Remotely view its current messages, play lists, or data. Any area within a layout may contain static or scrolling messages with entry and exit effects. Messages can contain text, data, clocks, or bitmaps.

Looking for a lean solution or help with six sigma, use the ultimately efficient display solutions to bring a new level of efficiency to your lean manufacturing process.

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